Case Study: Time and Tide – And Social Media – Wait for no Man, or Woman

How SMA produced social media content on the fly at major tech company event.

In the realm of social media, timeliness is a key success factor.  As important as the content of your blogs, tweets and postings is the speed with which you get them done – particularly when they relate to recent events and topical conversations.  But finding time to properly manage your social media commitments can be challenging.

For most of us, managing our social media presence is a valuable but time-consuming activity that we do on top of an already demanding day job.  When you combine the pressures of work with social media’s demand for immediacy, it’s easy to miss a valuable opportunity – sometimes by just not getting around to it.  To ensure they maximize the opportunities social media presents, many ICT companies turn to SMA for help.

Recently an SMA client, one of the largest technology firms in Canada, looked to us to manage the social media component of a roundtable they were hosting for Chief Marketing Officers.  The focus of the event was how social media is expanding the role of CMOs and the challenges and opportunities it presents.  Three senior executives in marketing and communications with our client would make presentations and discuss the findings of a major survey it had conducted on this issue with CMOs around the world.

“Clearly, the nature of this roundtable demanded that its associated social media activities be expertly handled,” says, Jessica Caceres, SMA’s Director, Client Services.  “There would be no room for error.  SMA determined that outcomes from the discussion would need to be captured accurately, transcribed quickly for approval on site, and then all three speakers would need to receive ready-to-go content for their own particular blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, same day.”

In addition to managing our client’s social media requirements on the day of the event, SMA also created a follow-up email communication for registrants who were unable to attend.  This ensured everyone who had expressed interest in attending benefited from the key discussion points, survey findings, and conclusions made.

This undertaking demonstrates SMA’s ability to help busy executives manage their social media presence when they must focus on other priorities.  By identifying our client’s social media requirements ahead of time and taking charge of social media communications on the day, our client was able to concentrate on hosting a successful roundtable and contribute their thoughts regarding the day’s activities to their social media sites.