Client Case Studies

Mining for gold in Canada: Leveraging experts to find the motherlode.

When mining for gold, you can "pan," or sift through a shallow layer in a stream bed, taking the chance that you'll find a small nugget or two. But if you know where the rich vein is, you can focus your drill and achieve the best payload for the least effort and cost. Read More >

Time and Tide – And Social Media – Wait for no Man, or Woman

How SMA produced social media content on the fly at major tech company event. Read More >

Quality Sells

In a rare blend of high-level vision and feet-on-the-street tactics, SMA’s event management services help a leading location intelligence company win new business. Read More >

First Contact

SMA’s database-building expertise goes to work for key business unit of Siemens. Read More >

Banking on Results

Custom-built financial services campaign clicks for leading performance management company. Read More >

Digging for Opportunities

Focus and persistence pays off in lead generation campaign for IBM Business Partner DP Solutions. Read More >