Market Research Findings

In order to better understand our clients and their needs, SMA periodically conducts research, interviewing marketing professionals in technology firms to identify their challenges, and the methods they use to deal with those challenges. 

We also seek to understand which marketing activities they use that are most effective, as well as which activities they outsource to external vendors. We hope you find these results as interesting as we do.

What are the challenges you face today and how do you plan to solve them?

  1. Resource and/or budget constraints. This is a big challenge for most organizations marketing in the IT world. And for most, the primary way of dealing with this is to reduce the number of initiatives.
  2. Tracking return on investment. Marketers continue to grapple with tracking the ROI of marketing initiatives. Most plan to implement better tracking tools to understand the value of their marketing spend.
  3. Sales and Marketing alignment. Most companies plan to improve internal communications to help align these two departments.

 What marketing tactics will you execute, and will they be in-house or outsourced?

  1. Social, inbound marketing, content marketing, on-line outreach. Our research indicates that about half of companies surveyed will execute these activities in-house, and the other half will be outsourcing.
  2. Outbound calling. Tech marketers use outbound calling programs to identify qualified prospective accounts, half the time performed internally and half outsourced.
  3. Events, seminars or roundtables. In this case, marketers are split 50:50 between managing these initiatives internally and outsourcing them.
  4. Direct mail. Physical direct mail is making a comeback and is the biggest growth area we’ve seen. Of the companies planning to implement direct mail, 25% plan to execute internally, while 75% will outsource.

 Keeping your fingers on the pulse of your markets

SMA regularly conducts market research on behalf of our customers.  For more information, view the description of our Market Research Services, or contact us We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you.