Market Research Findings

SMA works directly with leading technology companies, supporting them with demand generation marketing initiatives and business development activities. On a regular basis, we conduct market research with tech marketing and sales leaders to better understand the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

By understanding these challenges, and the tactics these marketing and sales leaders use to further their business, we can assist them in generating new business opportunities with a predictable and consistent ROI.  

Here are the some of the key points we gleaned from our recent market research. We hope you find these results as interesting as we do.

Key Challenges Faced by Technology Marketing Executives

  1. Resource and budget constraints. These days, marketers need to find ways to optimize their marketing resources and budgets. The primary tactic for dealing with this issue is to reduce the number of initiatives. This means marketers need to make every event and campaign count. Each element needs to be highly targeted.
  2. Tracking return on investment.  Marketers continue to grapple with tracking the ROI of each marketing initiative. Most plan to implement better tracking tools to understand the value of their marketing spend. It’s important to know which initiatives are worth continuing, with tight budgets becoming more commonplace.
  3. Targeted messaging. With fewer resources and initiatives, marketers need to ensure the messaging in their campaigns is highly targeted. This means they need to work with refined and segmented lists, and have a clear understanding of their target audience.

Marketing Tactics: In-House Initiatives vs Outsourced Projects

  1. Social, inbound marketing, content marketing, and on-line outreach. Our research indicates that about half of companies surveyed will execute these activities in-house, and the other half will be outsourcing.
  2. Outbound calling. Tech marketers use outbound calling programs to identify qualified prospective accounts, half the time performed internally and half outsourced.
  3. Events, seminars or roundtables. In this case, marketers are split 50:50 between managing these initiatives internally and outsourcing them.
  4. Direct mail. Physical direct mail is making a comeback and is the biggest growth area we’ve seen. Of the companies planning to implement direct mail, 25% plan to execute internally, while 75% will outsource.

Keeping Your Fingers on the Pulse of Your Markets

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