Market Research Findings

SMA works directly with leading technology companies, supporting them with demand generation marketing initiatives and business development activities. On a regular basis, we conduct market research with tech marketing and sales leaders to better understand the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis and their marketing plans.

By understanding these challenges, and the tactics used to further their business, we can assist them in generating new business opportunities with a predictable and consistent ROI. 

Here are the some of the key points we gleaned from our recent market research with marketers from large multinational technology firms to small start-ups.

We hope you find these results as interesting as we do.

Key Challenges Faced by Technology Marketing Executives

Resource and Budget Constraints: These days, marketers need to find ways to optimize their marketing resources and budgets. The primary way to deal with this issue is to reduce the number of initiatives. This means marketers need to make every event and campaign count. Each element needs to be highly targeted in order to see results.

Lead Generation:  A consistent stream of qualified sales leads is critical to the success of any business. Technology marketers face increasing pressure to deliver “good” leads to sales. Whether that be through events, digital, email, direct mail, or call programs, the end result needs to be qualified leads. Monitoring lead generation programs helps marketers understand which initiatives are worth continuing, with tight budgets becoming more commonplace.

Social and Digital Marketing: Tracking and getting a ROI from digital marketing is a big challenge. Using social media to progress the sales cycle, deciding on digital marketing tools, and developing relevant compelling content and techniques to engage prospects are some of the endless options available. What marketers choose to invest in is a moving target.

Marketing Tactics that Deliver Qualified Leads

Events: Whether they are small and intimate get-togethers, or larger conference events, tech marketers know the power of face-to-face connections. There is something to be said about shaking hands and looking a prospect straight in the eye. Almost all of those surveyed do events because they know any prospect that commits the time to physically attend is saying “I want to learn more!”

Social and Digital Content: Your prospects will do extensive research on your firm’s solutions online before they contact you. If your content is of high interest and is search engine optimized, it gets ranked highly when  searched, which encourages engagement, and positions you as a trusted adviser in your industry. This assists technology organizations in moving the sales process along.

Email & Direct Mail: Email broadcast campaigns aren’t going away even as CASL makes it more challenging to get responses and engage prospects. Because of the challenges of identifying prospects via email, call programs, and events, sending physical direct mail is making a comeback.