Searching for Marketing ROI

June 16, 2016

And the continuing quest for real leads Our most recent ITAC Think Tank addressed issues facing all technology marketers: how to find increased return on marketing investment with the right mix of digital and traditional marketing tools. Our key conclusions from this event include:  Challenges continue to […]

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The Great Race for New Customers: Navigating Rough Terrain

April 19, 2016

Integration and brevity are key On April 14, 2016, our ITAC/SMA Marketing & Sales Think Tank addressed issues that are front and centre today with technology marketers:  how to balance challenges that you regularly face with the need to find and acquire new customers. We found […]

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Doing More with Less: Making Marketing Dollars Count

February 16, 2016

The Delicate Balance of Digital vs. Traditional Marketing, and Marketing vs. Sales Our most recent ITAC Think Tank addressed issues facing all technology marketers:  balancing new digital marketing techniques with sales lead generation, and balancing the needs of Sales with the mandate of Marketing. Our […]

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Digital Marketing: The Next Holy Grail of Marketing?

December 16, 2015

With digital marketing, the fundamental concepts of marketing still apply. You must know who your target market is, you must know how to reach them, and your message must resonate with the challenges and issues they’re facing in their business.  And if […]

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