Dialing for dollars: How to use outbound call campaigns effectively

February 12, 2019

Outbound call campaigns used to be a staple of the marketing and sales team in the technology industry – but times are changing. Now, the way call campaigns are used needs to reflect the transformative needs of the prospects. […]

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Building trust at in-person events

November 12, 2018

Events have been a key element of the marketing mix for years for both large corporations and small start-ups. An effective way to bring prospects and customers together to connect about the challenges they are facing and learn about solutions, more tech firms are […]

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Break through the noise to your prospects

April 22, 2018

  Technology buyers are inundated with email blasts, social posts, event invites, and telemarketing calls day in and day out. What is your organization doing to break through the noise to your prospects? This was the topic of discussion at the latest  SMA/ITAC Think Tank […]

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Digital Marketing Report Card: Pass or Fail?

February 21, 2018

At our most recent SMA/ITAC Technology Marketing and Sales Think Tank, tech marketers and sales professionals gathered to discuss a lineup of topics, including how they’re using social media for B2B, the impact of CASL on email, the power of SEO, and face-to-face vs. webinars and […]

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