Case Study: Thinking Smaller to Realize Something Bigger

IDS-Scheer Canada taps SMA’s seasoned market research specialists to generate qualified leads.

When IDS-Scheer Canada, a provider of software solutions and services to small- and medium-sized businesses, wanted to build market exposure and create a steady stream of qualified leads, it turned to SMA.

“Unlike some campaigns we had tried before, the approach that SMA took really got results,” says Jennifer Sibley, responsible for marketing at IDS-Scheer Canada.

That’s because SMA conducted qualitative research with the target market to determine the issues that mattered most. Then highly personalized letters were created, packed with relevant messages. The SMA team used ingenuity to come up with a compelling theme and a related offer.

The initial campaign achieved a 2.5% average response rate and, even more importantly, led to qualified leads and final deals. With the price tag on IDS-Scheer Canada’s average software license running around $300,000, IDS-Scheer Canada definitely got its money’s worth.

Since 1997, IDS-Scheer Canada has drawn on SMA’s services for additional direct mail campaigns, sometimes boosted with telemarketing; seminar invitations and more recently, cyberseminar presentations.

A recent review of IDS-Scheer Canada’s marketing initiatives by a third party confirmed the company is spending its dollars wisely. “One-to-one direct marketing is the best, most economical way for us to reach the market,” says Ms. Sibley. “SMA’s responsiveness, thoroughness and creativity have been excellent.

“I’ve never asked for a service that SMA couldn’t deliver on. In fact, they’ve offered me more ideas than I could ever bite off.”

About IDS-Scheer Canada

By reducing the complexity of IT selection and support… and by offering a one-stop source of products and services, IDS-Scheer Canada puts the rich benefits of within convenient, affordable reach of small to medium-sized businesses.

IDS-Scheer Canada has exclusive rights to distribute in Ontario and upstate New York under its Certified Business Solutions (CBS) program.